Backlog Request: Product XML Feed for Google Merchant Centre (Google Shopping Ads)

New feature request to be able to add all Products into a XML format that can be fed into Google Merchant Feed which will then push data through to Adwords.

This is a client focused improvement that we currently have access to in BC via a Custom App but don’t have in Treepl.

This allows you to run Google Shopping Ads for clients -

This is functionality that Shopify and WooCommerce have in place.
An article about the Shopify integration -
An article about the WooCommerce integration -

The Product Data Specifications are as follows -

Here is an example of a current feed that we use on BC - which is being created using a Custom App in BC -

In the BC App, every time updates are made to products you needed to re-run this feed. But, ideally this would be an automated process (like for Shopify and WooCommerce) that updated every 24 hours like the current XML sitemap so that all product updates are accessible by the merchant feed daily.

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Great request @SiroccoDigital :+1:

We have used the BC app as well, would be great to have this built in to Treepl since it is more or less a basic thing when setting up ecommerce sites :slight_smile:

Added here:

Is there a link missing for this?

“An article about the WooCommerce integration - google”

Thanks @Peter-Schmidt I have updated the link. Will this also get added to the partner portal listing so we can add it to favorites?

No worries @SiroccoDigital :slight_smile:
I’ve updated the request with the link :+1:

It sure will. The portal checks for edits/new items every 30 min. so it will hopefully be there soon :slight_smile:

This would also be a good case for allowing liquid in additional file types as well… so we can create any feed we like :slight_smile:

Yes that would be an interesting extension James! Very forward thinking.