Backlog Request: Release/Expiry Date Functionality

Hey @Peter-Schmidt just adding a request to add a feature to the Release/Expiry Date Functionality? This is a request for all area’s that contain the Release/Expiry Date Functionality?

In BC we had the option to choose “Today” for both. Is it possible to add this?
Screen Shot -
BC Example -

Time consuming to scroll from the year 2099 - when you have multiple items to add. Unless someone has a workaround for this?


+1000 for this one - please and thank you.

Thanks, @Donna. Same here.

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Hi @Donna

Sure - great idea.
Added here:

In the meantime it seems that it is possible to enter a value in the field if you click the field and cancel the date popup and then enter “2020” for example. Let me know if you need further explanation :slight_smile: