Backlog Request: {{request.request_data.referrer_href}}

Currently we have {{request.request_data.referrer}} available to us. This tag comes in handy for form redirects. However, it would be handy to have another option {{request.request_data.referrer_href}}.

There are times when I have a custom module search page. Users can filter/search and then edit the module item on the front end. However, when using the current “referrer” in a form redirect, the user is returned to the original page without the search results. The user is then required to re-enter their search.

Currently {{request.request_data.referrer}} is like {{request.request_url.path}} but instead of getting the current page path it provideds the previous pages path.

{{request.request_data.referrer_href}} would work like {{request.request_url.href}} except providing the previous page href.

The results would be something like this:

  • “referrer”: “/board/sponsor-list”,
  • “referrer_href”: “/board/sponsor-list?prop_ModuleId=2085&prop_KeyWords=40”
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Hi @Rhatch
Cool, added here: Add tag {% raw %} {{request.request_data.referrer_href}} {% endraw %}

  • Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile: