BACKLOG REQUEST - Resend Workflow Notifications

Requesting a button within Form Submissions to resend the workflow notification for that submission, especially whilst CRM management is still being upgraded to match the capabilities of BC.

We have a client that averages 50+ form submissions a day, since migrating they have complained they aren’t receiving all submissions (have checked spam and junk with no success), they would like for their staff to log in and check forms regularly (rather than having to ask us to forward the email, then wait).

@Eugene @vlad.z
Is this a problem you are seeing much? I have no problem adding this to the public backlog, but would much rather be sure that the “real” problem is fixed if some workflow notification don’t go out :slight_smile:

@lee.relianceit What email domain are you guys using for the sender? Are you getting error messages back? We had problems with certain email providers: Recipients on these providers wouldn’t recieve workflow notifications and we found the reason for that in the error messages, like “554 invalid DNS PTR resource record” - which means the mail message is rejected due to security policy on the recipient side.
If you are using the domain, you don’t get error messages back so we use our own mail domain. Better for trouble shooting :slight_smile:.

Morning Tim, we are using our own verified domain for the sender, and are not receiving errors back and it’s also very periodic, we can’t find a pattern to it. In the first instance, we assumed it was just a spam filtering, quarantine email issue but we can’t figure it out.

I guess the request is worth adding it to the public backlog.

As for the original issue - it would be better to create a support ticket so our devs could check logs and try to fix the issue.

@lee.relianceit @vlad.z
Great - Added here: :slight_smile: