Backlog Request: Shipping Min - Max before tax

This was a huge miss in BC, and I think it needs to be addressed in Treepl. Other providers such as Shopify, do it the right way.


  • Client wants to offer free shipping to any order over $150. In BC, you would just add a minimum order total of say $150, so that when it met that threshold, it would allow the free shipping.
  • Unfortunately BC (and in Treepl), this minimum amount includes tax - so, if a customer at a 5% tax rate, spends $145 (subtotal) at a 5% tax = $152.50 this would apply the free shipping. PROBLEM: it technically hasn’t reached the threshold, as the client wanted it to be $150 net (before tax), so the customer is getting free shipping even though their order was less than the $150 minimum.


  • For the shipping MIN $ / MAX $ this should be set before tax (SUB TOTAL / NET TOTAL), or at least give us the option to add a toggle/boolean, under the Price Limitations, that says "Apply to Net Total (before tax and shipping).

I have a rather large client site I have been hesitant to pitch because of this small thing, and they brought it up again in on their site currently on BC.


Actually, hold on.… has this been fixed? I just tested it, and added a test product at $4.75 with a 5% tax rate - so $5.08, but free shipping is applied to based on a $5 minimum, and I got this message - - so it must of been fixed. @vlad.z can you confirm this?


UI part that displayed shipping option based on product total price With tax is correct.
But there is an backend bug that shows this validation message because it compares limitation with subtotal without tax instead of subtotal with tax.

I’ll try to push this bugfix with shop settings switcher into the current sprint.

Darn, so it sounds like this bug fix will fix the issue, but also become the problem (for me at least) - as I say it again, shipping minimum price limitations (like other CMS’s) should be done before tax, not after tax. Makes no sense to do it with tax.

The switcher in eCommerce settings that will allow you to change behavior from subtotal with tax to subtotal without tax will also be released with the fix.

So you would be able to setup your particular site according to your original request.

So there is no need for public backlog request any more. It’s already scheduled as bonus task for v5.7 :slight_smile:

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Yay! Thanks @vlad.z appreciate this.