BACKLOG: Zapier enhancements; Create/Update Secure Zone Subscription

Currently, there is only one way to subscribe a contact to a Secure Zone and that’s via a form submission on the front-end of the Treepl site.

I can see 2 additional Zapier actions that would be very helpful and open up more possibilities for creating/managing CRM members via external systems/CRMs:

  1. Create CRM Secure Zone Subscription
  2. Update CRM Secure Zone Subscription

As the name suggests, these actions would be used to subscribe a contact to a Secure Zone (or Zones) in Treepl, along with appropriate data such as an expiry date and perhaps a password as well?

Should we be able to set a password or should we instead trigger a password update/reset email to the contact, or just handle this externally?

Paid Secure Zones might be an issue though, so I’m not sure how these might be handled.
Perhaps these actions simply allow the subscription to occur and assumes the developer will handle the payment/order creation for the secure zone separately (much like you can manually do now by adding a contact to a paid secure zone via the admin without needing an actual payment/order).

As a side note; the current Zapier actions for “Create/Update CRM Form Submission” are perhaps a little deceiving as they suggest a Form Submission process will be created. But in reality, these actions only create/update a ‘Case’ and do not trigger a Treepl Form Submission (with Workflow/s, Autoresponder, Secure Zone subscriptions…).
Perhaps these actions can also be renamed to “Create/Update CRM Case”?

Thanks @Adam.Wilson - Added here: Zapier enhancements; Create/Update Secure Zone Subscription

Let me know if you want to add or edit anything :slight_smile:

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