Basic hosting plan

Hi, some of our clients are running simple static html websites or one page landing pages. I wonder if it would make sense to have a basic hosting plan with very limited functionality, no emails, etc … What are your thoughts? Cheers, Erik

I’m certainly for that as I think it gets more users on the platform which allows for an easier and more likely upgrade path to higher Treepl plans if/when they grow. Rather than having to put them on some other hosting/CMS.
But whether this is an economical option for Treepl I don’t know.

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I agree. Would be good to have an html only hosting option, if it makes sense for treepl.

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@Eugene - Any comments on this, or should I just add it? :slight_smile:

I think @alex can comment on this better than me.

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Next week we will be having a closed meeting with active Treepl Partners.
Let’s discuss this subject there as well. I have some thoughts but we need more details from you on how this will benefit the platform and Treepl users.


it depends on how much it will reduce! maybe it makes sense to pay a little too much but have a good hosting service

I have always used a multi domain single hosting for these in BC, then spread the cost over how ever many I have on there.

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