BC to Treepl App Migrate only Web Apps

Just wanted to check if we can choose to migrate ONLY Web Apps/Items when using the migration tool and if anyone can confirm that that will work. I don’t want it to overwrite other items that I have already been setup manually on my new site.

I’ve done it once. When there was the previous issue of WebApps not migrating with other modules selected, I went back and ran the migration again with just WebApps selected and it didn’t effect the rest of the site.
Can’t promise anything, but I think it’ll be ok :slight_smile:

As a back up, duplicate your trial site first incase you need to go back.

Hmmm, that helps but i did see that someone recently did that and it replaced EVERYTHING. Has anyone completed this in the latest version or can Treepl @alex.n confirm in testing if this worked?

A week ago I did the same as @Adam.Wilson and it worked perfectly. As i recall the problem where things where deleted was before this, but make a duplicate as Adam mentioned, to be sure :slight_smile:

Migration of the webapps only will not override existing items, templates or categories (it will just save the id of existed item and mark transferred item as done).
So only not exited items, templates or categories will be transferred.
But the webapp layouts WILL be overridden placing BC tags inside. That was an issue one of the partner faced with (he tried to migrate additional items to the site but migration tool overrides refined layouts).

The app works in the way like this because it designed to be used before any custom refinements.

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Thanks for the confirmation @vlad.z. It won’t overwrite other items I have already migrated like Media Downloads, Pages etc either will it?

The only thing that app overrides is layouts.
So it may rewrite list and detail layouts of Blogs, Blog Posts and Media downloads if you choose them.

So if you worry about the layout overriding just download all files from site ftp and make transfer. If you see any overridden layout you can just upload that layout via ftp using previously saved files

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