BC to Treepl pricing

Has the BC to Treepl pricing been tiered and capped to fit into one of these pricing tiers: $199, $399, $799, $999, and so no BC to Treepl auto migration could possibly cost more than $999?

I’m aiming to get my site live before Sept 1 to qualify for the $0 auto migration, if I were to go beyond Sept 1 and launch on say Oct 1, can I then use my migration credit to cover the auto-migration cost (which would still never exceed $999)?

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Hi @Reagan_Vautier I think you’ve got it right.

Q1) As long as you use the migration packages (and not the custom migration packagers i.e. where you migrate an individual mix of features) your automated migration price will be capped at

Q2) I believe you are correct on this point as well. Note that this is for the automated BC to treepl migration tool. If it’s a complex site there will likely be some manual work to do after the migration, which you can either take care of yourself or pay for additional development services from the treepl team. Those additional development services may bring your price above the ceiling.

As a side note, why just start paying for your site plan making it “live” before Sept 1 to get the migration discount and then add the actual domain to make it live when you’re ready. I’m not sure if it’s possible to go live without a domain, but it would be worth talking to the treepl team. Alternatively you could buy a cheap dev domain for $15, make the site “live” with it and then swap it out for the actual domain. It would be worth talking to treepl to see if you can save the migration $$s.