BC to Treeple Migration times and , especially regarding BC's webpps

Hello. I have this site to migrate from BC and Treepl looks like it’ll be a good fit. https://www.portergroup.co.nz/ It’s quite a large site and has a large amount of webapps, around 90 so am hoping that the Automatic BC to Treepl App will take a lot of the load there. So, just wondering what are people’s experience with the BC to Treepl app? Is it proving to work well with the migration process? I am not expecting it to do all the work but if it even cut times down by half that would be great.

Any thoughts and insight much appreciated.


I did my first migration just last week ( it was urgent) it took me about 2 hours to manually fix things up. It wasn’t really a drama for me it was just mainly setting up forms and recreating pages that did not import because this was a BC ecommerce site.

The whole process was amazingly easy and I was really impressed - particulary with the crm data that came across.

Unfortunately e commerce is not part of the one click migration (yet) … so I had to manually recreate the shopping pages. The site is live but the online shopping is not working yet.

I have not put this client on the Treepl ecommerce hosting due to the substantial cost increase so I plan to to manually implement paypal buttons/cart (not complete yet) … you can see how it migrated …but don’t try and go shopping yet! https://brisbanesaw.com.au

Thanks Adele, that’s good to hear, and encouraging.


I would also say that the migration process is fairly straight forward. I put a bit more work in though, but that’s mostly because Treepl is just offering more possibilities, e.g. with site settings and custom modules for clients who were on webMarketing/Silver and had no Web Apps before. Buts that’s also a sales opportunitiy :slight_smile:.

Thank you Tim.
The test I’m doing mentioned above has taken about 24 hours so far and it’s still only 45% through! There’s a lot of data in the CRM which I think is slowing things down considerably. Hopefully the next test will be a lot quicker. Anticipating a fair bit of tidying up though.