Billing Address on checkout form

Is it feasible to add a billing address filed with a checkbox to select for shipping address same as billing address?

I guess it’s feasible.
But two considerations I can think of are:

  1. There currently is no actual “billing address” fields, so I assume you’d be using the standard CRM address fields along with the shopping cart Delivery Address fields (unless creating you’re own custom billing address fields)
  2. The shipping country is generally set from the shipping options from the cart and locked in the checkout form. otherwise they could change the delivery address after shipping has been calculated. But this is perhaps not such an issue for ecommerce sites that only sell locally within the one country.

And if needed, here’s an example using jQuery which you could adapted for this task.

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Thanks for the Quick response!!

do we have billing fields yet? I can’t find any documentation for it, but seems odd that we don’t have them considering they are quite standard practice for ecom sites these days

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