Bug creating custom modules

I’m trying to set up a new custom module - have tried several times today but the module won’t show up in admin even after saving. Now I’m getting an “internal” error message. Is there a problem?

What name are you using for the module?

I’ve tried Product, Products and product_1. I’ll try calling it something else

I suspected you may have been calling it Products :slight_smile: so I was going to suggest this name is already taken by the system.
But it’s also possible there is a glitch for your site with the creation of custom modules… so testing another, more unique, name will tell…

Just tried it again using the name Shop-List. Same issue - goes through the process of saving but the new module is not in the admin list. Tried logging out and logging back in but still not there.

Hmm, are you using a customised admin menu for this site?

Don’t think so. Interestingly I’m setting up an admin role for my client and I can see all the custom modules there but can’t see them in my custom module list from admin.

Ok, so looks like they are being created so that’s good.

Can you check under “Admin Menu Configurator” that there is no ‘Custom menu’ in place:

If there is, you may need to add newly created items to it (or remove the custom menu if not needed).

Otherwise, are you logged in under a Partner account or are you added as an admin user?
If admin user, check your Admin User Role for the appropriate privileges.

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That did the trick - I removed the custom admin menu. Thanks :slight_smile:

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now I have a list of custom modules that I need to delete. I can see where to delete the items within a custom module but how do I delete the module itself?

Go to the modules settings page:
and there is trash can icon in the lower right corner.

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found it - thanks. I appreciate all your help :slight_smile:

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I have flagged this issue with the support team also, where a custom menu is causing issues when creating custom modules, to me if the custom modules are in the custom menu they should stay updated at all times. I have asked them to look at fixing this as it’s going to cause issues when clients get confused, we use custom menus often.

Thanks Lee - I agree. I don’t actually think I created the custom menu. I think it was created initially on my partner account. I have deleted it.

Can I not create a custom module with the name Products?

As for me it’s renaming it to Products-1. If this is the case there should be a popup message to change name.