BUG: 'Duplicate' page links page content together

We are using the Treepl Template ‘Solar’ and when we duplicate a page and then change the page content, it replaces the content on the original page too. It’s like it ‘links’ the ‘content’ field of both pages and if you update one page it changes the other one as well. The only way to fix it is to delete one of the pages and start a new page completely from scratch.

We have had this happen twice while making updates on site pages. Has anyone else seen this bug?

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Hi SiroccoDigital, I’ve failed to reproduce this issue. Please provide us with the links or a video of this problem.

Hi, we are experiencing the exact same issue. I think what happens is when you duplicated a page the system not always also sets up a new .html page. Which means that two pages are connected to the same .html page. Hence the content duplication

Hi everyone,
We’ve checked this issue. It’s very difficult to reproduce, because a lot of factors should match. However, we managed to reproduce it and it will be fixed in the upcoming sprints.

This is a known issue on some sites. We have a fix for it but it requires a backed dev for at least 2 days. Since all of our backend developers are currently involved with ecommerce this fix must be postponed to next release (or intermediate hot patch). Apologies for the inconvenience.