BUG: .scss & .map files not served

.scss & .map files not served from the cms.

This breaks standard devtools functionality when it comes to inspecting styles etc. (response is 404 on the above two files)

I’d think considering Treepl themselves use sass files for developing their own templates, this would be needed as part of their work flow as well!

Can these please be enabled?

Hi @James. I haven’t gotten into source map dev yet, only very briefly looked at it.
But .map files are supported and should load. Although you are right that .scss files are not supported.

And as a possible solution/workaround, isn’t there an option where you can instead embed all the source mapping into the processed .css file and devtools can read it from there?
I’m not sure how you set this up but it seems the Foundation setup I use does this.

Here’s a screenshot of one site in development which seems to have embedded sorcemap and devtools generates a ‘virtual’ directory of .scss files (I guess that’s the orange folder and purple file icons?):

Ah ok so the biggest issue was for me the scss files don’t load so I checked the supported files list and noticed neither was map.

(Manually checking my .map url seems to be working. (I should have checked this first…))

How ever because you can’t load the scss files, the process becomes mute anyways. Hopefully its supported soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, although there does seem to be an option to embed all that source information within the .css file so you don’t actually need to upload either .map or .scss files.

But wouldn’t it still fail when you are trying to look at your source files through the dev tools? ie:

I just get 404s

Devtools displays my .scss file contents virtually as it’s included in the sourcemap: