BUG: Sign-on email address appearing in random places in the admin console

Ever since the recent updates our login email address is appear in various places…for example

This Custom module Item name:

Various Search Boxes (this one is on the Email Templates Page)

I can confirm this is happening on multiple pcs.

What browser do you use?

@James I noticed this too. Specifically in the partner portal in the trial and live sites search field. I just assumed it was my password manager (lastpass) getting eager. Do you use a password manager? I wonder if it has something to do with the way that the fields are marked up that’s causing a password manager to autofill. I don’t have this issue otherwise.

My solution was to clean up my lastpass db and turn off autofill for treepl related logins. Seems to have worked.

Google Chrome (latest Version)

Yeah we use Lastpass, However as far as i can tell it should not be changing fields that arn’t password related. And I don’t use auto fill. Seems like an odd one for a search field and title field… Super annoying because it goes away eventually but it seems i need to refresh a tonne of times.

Did you update your macOS, version Catalina?

I am on Windows 10:

We’ve narrowed it down to interaction between Lastpass and our admin. Trying to resolve this now. If you find yourself facing this issue, you can start up any browser without Lastpass installed/enabled, or open Incognito (if you have lastpass disabled in that mode) or just disable Lastpass. You can also disable “Automatically fill login information”.

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Thanks for investigating this one. I look forward to hearing when its sorted :slight_smile: