Calendar Display Help

Working with Calendar layout, and I am stumped.

Using the default include in the component tag, the calendar displays just fine.
{% include "/cms-assets/includes/", group: "0", moduleId: "35103" %}

Changing the Include URL displays a blank page with a console error. Both include files are identical.
{% include "/cms-assets/includes/", group: "0", moduleId: "35103" %}

What am I overlooking? I need to have a different include file so I can point it to a different JS file.

I’m not sure, but perhaps the calendar include doesn’t support custom layouts because the placeholders in the include for the function arguments are not being replaced, and no id is being added to the parent element:

So this is causing the Javascript error you are seeing.

For now, you may just have to change the JS reference in the default inc file and keep an eye on it after any system updates in case it’s overridden.

@vlad.z are custom layouts supported for the calendar include?

Hi @Rhatch @Adam.Wilson
Custom layouts could be applied to the calendar however replacing the pseudo-tags like ‘[calendarID]’, ‘[rootFolderId]’, ‘[featuresflag]’ will not be supported there.
So in order to use a custom layout, you need to do the following updates to the layout:

The screenshot illustrates the actual rendered HTML of the custom and system layouts. The difference is that on the default layout all the described steps are made by the server automatically.