Can I add a Custom Form with Payment to the Shopping Cart?

Is it possible to use a custom form that accepts payment to use the Shopping Cart for checkout?
What if the custom form has an event subscription, can it be added to the Shopping Cart for checkout?

We have a membership site where a member will pay for events and purchase merchandise. Can this be done in one transaction?


You should be able to customise the checkout form, although I’m not sure where the data will be stored as I haven’t tested this yet.
But I wouldn’t think you can take a payment for an Event at the same time since the checkout form needs the type “Checkout” and Event subscriptions need the type “SingleItem”. So I’d think there would be missing components/system flows that are missing or would conflict.
But it’s worth testing out… it might work :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll let you know what I come up with :slight_smile:

is there a way to add an Item Property that has price attached to it to the shopping cart via a form?

@Adam.Wilson could this address my one off set up issue?

Hi @AJ1971. Not quite sure what you mean by “Item Property that has a price”. But I’m pretty sure the only items that can be purchased via the checkout form are Products.

But yes, you could have separate “Set up” products that you add to the cart, as mentioned in your other posts: Attribute Prices

@Adam.Wilson, one good thing with treepl is the addition of the Custom Properties that you can add to a product.

if i had one of those properties as set up 1 and the data field is 25.00 , set up 2 20.00 could they be
added to a cart or do they need to be coded in the back end to be identified as ecommerce items?

I do see that there is no selection for $ for Property type when creating them…

No, pricing needs to be assigned to an item in a way the system can work with. It can’t just be any custom property/field. And even if there was a dollar value type for custom properties, it would likely run into the same issue of being multiplied along with the product quantity.

Thanks @Adam.Wilson. thought that might be the case.