Captions in photo gallery


I created a photogallery (default layout) but I do not understand how show images captions.
There is a way to show the item name or the content as caption?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Rebecca,

The layout for the individual slides is set in the Layouts->Slide Layouts -> List

See as this gallery is using fancybox you’ll need to populate the data-caption atribute:

`<a href="image.jpg" data-fancybox data-caption="Caption for single image">
	<img src="thumbnail.jpg" alt="" />

If you place the following in your Layouts->Slide Layouts -> List you’ll get an image caption in both the on page view and in the modal popup view of the image:

  <a data-fancybox="gallery{{this['ParentId']}}" href="{{this['ImageSrc']}}" data-caption="{{this['Description']}}">
      <img src="{{this['ImageSrc']}}?width=223&height=223&mode=crop" alt=""

The source of the caption will be the Content/Description (WYSIWYG/Code View) field at the bottom of the screen.

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@ Alex_B_Centrifuge, thanks a lot for your help!
It works perfectly!

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Thank you @Alex_B_Centrifuge - I was just searching for a solution here as well and you’re answer here helped out!