Categories Sorting Order and Rearranging and Blog Post Default Template

I hope everyone is doing well! Is there a way to rearrange the sorting order of categories? I have a client who has to scroll down when he wants to select a category for a blog post because the categories are listed from Z to A. It matches the order of the categories found when we go to ‘Categories’ under Settings, but I don’t see a way to drag-and-drop or rearrange the order of those categories in any way? Any ideas?

Also, one other question: is there a way to set a template for all new blog posts? We have a Content Template for blog posts and each time my client wants to add a new blog post, he has to select the blog Content Template. Is there any way to just have that as the default for all new blog posts?

Thank you in advance for any help/recommendations you can offer!

  • Ryan

Yes and yes :slight_smile:
If you turn on the beta feature for ‘Advanced Multi-level Categories’ you can drag and drop to change their order. This order is also then reflected in the dropdown list when selecting them.
Additionally, with this beta feature on, it may be helpful to create category groups/folders if you have a lot of categories.

To assign the default blog post template, go to ‘Content’ > ‘Blogs’, then “Edit Settings” > ‘Properties’ then under the ‘Default Properties’ section you should see the default template option.

Once again you pull through and save the day. Thank you @Adam.Wilson I feel like I can’t say it enough, but you have helped me out again and again and I appreciate your help and patience!!


Sorry @Adam.Wilson - one quick question: the categories beta feature worked perfectly without any issues. I tried to follow your steps for the blog post template and I went to Content > Blogs > Edit Settings and I don’t see ‘Properties’ or ‘Default Properties’ in the dropdown (screen shot attached here). I only see Layouts. I tried selecting the only blog he has on the site and I only see Layouts as an option in the Edit Settings dropdown as well. I also tried the edit under Actions next to the blog and I don’t see Properties or Default Properties in there either. Any idea if I’m missing something?

Thank you so much for your time!

  • Ryan

Ah, I think that’s because your site must be on the Essentials plan :frowning:
Only Business plans and above have access to these module settings.

Hello @Adam.Wilson,

Thanks for the quick reply. This site is actually on the ‘pro’ plan:

Do you think that this is worth a reach out to support? I hate to bother them when it’s something I can figure out on my own or with the help of alternate resources like the forum, Slack, docs, etc., but I would love to help my client out here because I can see how that would be a bit annoying.

I’m hoping it doesn’t mean that he has to be all the way up to the eCommerce plan. This seems like a pretty logical and reasonable setting for any site that runs a blog.

Again, can’t thank you enough!

  • Ryan

Hmm, not sure. In my trial sites I can access the settings, bu ton a Pro live site I can’t?
Not sure what the issue is. I have to run now so don’t have time to look into it more… so maybe submit a ticket for now, just to be sure.

This feature is available on the eCommerce plans only (Advanced module settings for system modules).

Okay, thank you for the response. That’s disappointing because it seems like it should be a pretty standard feature. I can understand not offering it for the Essentials plan, but it should be available for pro plans that don’t require and won’t use eCommerce features in the platform. Just my humble opinion :wink:

Thank you,

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@StudioRTP I’d just use a custom module for the blog as workaround in this case. You can export existing items from the blog module and import them to that module. The you have all the freedom :-).
@Violetta.S I think that adding properties to the blog (as we couldn’t do in BC) is ok to be only available in advanced module settings, but setting the template for the blog should not be part of those. To wrap it up: We should have basic settings for system modules like toggle categories and tags, selecting a template (Business/Pro) and selecting a secure zone for the module (Pro). @Peter-Schmidt Can we have this in the backlog please?

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Hello @TimL. I considered that, but I really wanted to stick to the Blog Module. I used to use Custom Web Apps all the time on Adobe BC to get around the ‘featured image’ issue back in the day before they added that feature. Once they added it, it was a lot of work to convert the custom web app blog to the blog module if a client wanted to use the blog module. I’d rather see if we can just get the blog module to be more flexible. This isn’t a huge deal, it’s not that hard to select a template for each new article. I’m just hoping that we can consider adding the ‘Properties’ feature to the blog for plans under the eCommerce plan. I have a lot of clients who could take advantage of setting a ‘default’ template for new blog posts that will have no need or interest in the eCommerce features, so it’s a tough sell to bump them up to eCommerce just to be able to set a default template for new blog posts. I really do appreciate the advice and the time you took to share a possible workaround - please don’t think I’m being ungrateful! Thank you so much for your time - I know it’s valuable!!


Like @TimL and @StudioRTP I think that the selection of template is a pretty basic feature which should be available in other plans. I can add it to the Public Backlog but would like to hear back from @Violetta.S first, since it is another type of request than normal, because this already is an implemented feature, it “just” need to be available on lower plans :crossed_fingers: :smile:

Hi, guys!

Our main goal is to provide BC partners with an alternative solution to BC and we think we are good at it :slight_smile:
As for the plans features and pricing, this is something we introduce based on market research. If you think this feature should be available on lower plans and have enough grounds based on the market research, please email us at

I think, as also @Peter-Schmidt mentioned before, it is not so much about a feature we want to be added to lower plans. It’s more about an inconsistency within the existing features. It’s not making much sense to me, that we have basic settings in costum modules on business and pro, but not in the blog. Because in that case, I’d rather kick the blog module from those plans completely as it’s not making any sense as you would rather utilize the costum module functionality for blog purposes combined with the advanced url manager.

Thanks for getting back to us on this @Violetta.S - As mentioned earlier it seems like the ability to change the template of the blog is a bit of an oversight, not talking about advanced features, but some of the more basic features seems strange that they are not there :slight_smile: