Changing Customer CRM ID

Is it possible to set a customers CRM ID? I have a client that has been using the CRM ID in BC as a ‘membership number’ and needs to be able to transfer this. I have tested importing a customer and adding a custom ID but it doesn’t take and overwrites it with the next CRM number it was up to.

Also there is no where to see the Customer ID within the CRM.

Any ideas how to work around this?

We can’t change system IDs from our end. Perhaps this is something support could arrange for you… but I’m not sure?

Otherwise, perhaps creating an Advance CRM Group for this could work?

Regarding displaying the ID in the admin, there are a few discussions going around the Forum at the moment about CRM improvements and customisable table views to all of the admin - so those will likely help with viewing CRM data.
But for the short term, you can view the contact ID when clicking into the record (next to the name at the top of the page).
And for viewing the IDs in bulk in the list view, I’ve made this bookmarklet that should do the job.

Copy the code below, then add a new bookmark in your browser and paste the code as the URL.
Then, when viewing the CRM list, click the bookmark. it should display the ID’s next to all the names:

javascript:$('.cdk-column-Name a').each(function(){var itemID = $(this).attr('href').split('/')[3];$(this).prepend('('+itemID+') ');});