Changing logo in Travel Template

In the Header snippet, the logo displayed is controlled in 2 lines

<a class="navbar-brand d-lg-none" href="/"> <img src="/images/logo-header.png" alt="logo-header"></a>


<a class="navbar-brand" href="/"><img src="{{}}" alt="logo-header"></a>

The first is simple but on the desktop, this text will be hidden the 2nd line sets the image but I have no idea how to change it from some preset value that seems to be set through the {{}} value.

What is this and how do I set that correctly to reflect the alternate image I am trying to use

That is a ‘Site Information’ reference.
In your admin go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Site Information’ and look for an entry with that as the “Liquid Short Output”.

Alternatively, just remove the {{}} and reference your own image link.

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