Charging access for a secure zone video library

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! I have a client who owns a yoga studio. Currently her site is on Adobe Business Catalyst, but we’re working on a custom design with plans to move it over to Treepl CMS. We’re in the early stages, but I hope to have the design complete sometime in April and then will pass the design off to the Treepl Support team to help with code and integration.

My client wants to add the ability to sell secure zone membership to their clients, especially in the wake of the current shut-down we’re experiencing as it might be the only way to keep the company afloat. I wanted to see if anyone can think of a way to sell secure zone access to a video library with videos that can play on the screen within that secure zone?

I don’t think Treepl CMS has a built-in video player, and I am not sure if you can embed a ‘private video’ from Vimeo or YouTube, so I’m also at a loss on how they can get the videos to play within the secure zone. I would love any feedback on this! I don’t necessarily need the instructions to pulling this off as I plan to work with Treepl CMS Support on the code/integration, I am just more interested in:

  1. Is Treepl CMS already offering paid secure zone membership access?

  2. Is there a way to play the video right on the screen from within the secure zone?

  3. If not, is it possible to just have the video as a file download and can that be made secure?

My client did send me two links to competitors who are doing the same thing we’re looking for if it helps illustrate: and

I appreciate any help you can offer here!

Thank you,

  • Ryan

Ryan, I have done something like this for using a custom YouTube player and using private or unlisted (can’t remember which one) - chat next week about this.

Hello @A3CS - thank you so much for the quick reply. I took a look at the site you shared and aside from my question, I wanted to let you know that I really like the design of that site. Nice work! I was wondering if you could embed a YouTube video and have it actually work if it was listed as private or unlisted. That’s good to know! If you have time next week, I’d love to chat with you about this in more detail. I know you’re busy, but this answered my questions: yes, it can be done. That is enough for me to at least get back to the client and let them know. They are pushing to have this done on their Adobe BC site, but I’m trying to convince them not to waste the resources and focus on the new Treepl CMS site. However, I understand the position they are in - it’s a small yoga studio and they have been forced to shut down their studio due to COVID0-19. I’m just trying help them out as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can get their studio generating at least some form of revenue.

Thank you again for the reply and confirming that we can do this!

  • Ryan

I actually just tried to embed a ‘private’ video and it won’t work once I log out of Google, meaning customers wouldn’t be able to video the embedded video. Bummer! If I change it to ‘unlisted’, it works but then, even though it’s not listed in YouTube, it isn’t truly secure and someone could stumble on it with a quick Google Search. I’ll keep racking my brain and let you know if I come up with something more secure for them! I’ll post it hear in case anyone else can benefit from whatever it is I figure out.

Thank you again!

  • Ryan

Ryan, pretty sure there is a way in the custom YouTube player I used, through the API settings to use a Private video… it’s been a while since I used this, so I’ll need to go in and check it (just can’t this week).

Ah - got it. Sorry for bothering you! I really appreciate your time. If you have some extra time (yeah, right) and can go over it with me in the next couple of weeks, that would be awesome. I’m happy to set up a zoom when you get your head back above water. I have no problem paying you for your time, so just let me know if and when you have some time and I’ll schedule around what’s convenient for you!

Thank you Aaron and good luck this week!

  • Ryan

My 2 cents… and from memory of a long time ago… YouTube is iffy with truly secured video and monetization of content unless done through YouTube itself.
Vimeo offers better services in this regard with domain level restricted player… but that might only be with a paid Vimeo account.

Other option might be to use HTML5 video hosted on the site under a secured directory (if on Treepl) or individual secured video files (if on BC). But may need to consider bandwidth usage if high volume site.

And yes, Treepl paid secure zones/memberships is up and running.

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I use the Stellar Video Player to embed Vimeo videos on a Treepl hosted web site. It works very well.


More info about the video player here: Price seems pretty reasonable to me.

I’ve used it for 4k video & 360º video.

It claims to support a range of platforms including self hosted, Amazon S3, Dropbox & Google Drive. I have only used it with Vimeo.


Sorry for my delayed and huge thank you here! I was traveling over the weekend and didn’t have cell service where we were. I wanted to be sure and post a big thank you for your help and ideas. I didn’t realize Treepl can have a file made secure. That’s awesome and will help immensely on this project. The client’s site is still on Adobe BC, we are working on a new website for Treepl CMS. And while we continue to work on the new website we have decided not to implement this on Adobe BC because of the time required especially knowing that we’re moving in the next few months in the meantime, this client is using Vimeo’s paid service.

Once again, thank you for the thoughtful replies. Everyone on here is always beyond generous. One of these days I’ll hopefully be able to pay it forward. The COVID has halted a number of projects for me. Instead of going into full-on panic mode, as I can to learn more about Liquid code and Treepl overall. That effort is way past due.