Client accessing email

In BC the client had access to the emails to remove and create as they pleased. With Treepl they are in the portal for only me to access? Is that correct or can the client access them?

Correct. Currently the email account management is only in the Portal.

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Thanks Adam. How do you go about setting these up with doing the client passwords

I’m just thinking what the client think of me doing them all or can they use that as a temp password?

I would just set the account’s password for them and provide it to the client.
I don’t often use the hosted email though, but I assume the user can then log in to webmail and reset their own password if needed.

Of course! Thanks mate

Luke, I had asked a similar question on Slack in regards to having a way for email users to have a way to recover/reset email passwords similar to how they could on BC. Given that both Treepl and BC used the same email provider their should be a way to do this without having to go through the Partner Portal to set even a temp password. (With the use of a second email address to activate and reset passwords like on BC). Ideally a link should exist on the webmail login page for Forgot Password. Here is a forum post based on that Slack password post. End-User Password Reset for Hosted Email

I thought it was quite an odd place to have them really as I had to search around for the menu, but maybe I’m just getting old and blind. It not a big problem for me I just have a client that feels important creating emails. So I showed him where to create them and let him be. I’m sure hes going to be upset when he finds out I have to do it.

Also has no one had this problem with their clients not been able to create their own passwords? Or does no one use the hosted emails?

My guess is about 50% use hosted emails. That is a good question. Securely changing passwords has been the main issue for me or getting a new password to someone who has forgotten one. That process can take several hours meaning employees go without email for that period of time.

Ideally, setting new passwords for email account and changing lost ones should be able to be done by the email user only, like on BC. The one time initial setup, entering user name and recovery email address should be able to be done by Treepl partner or website client with correct user permissions.

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