End-User Password Reset for Hosted Email

Currently, email account management is only accessible via the Portal, so the client/site owner cannot easily manage their user’s email accounts.
One major issue with this is that the email account passwords need to be set by the Reseller and then passed on (in plain text) to the client (and then likely passed, in plain text, to the user/staff member).
This also increases support requests to the Reseller.

In BC the option for the end-user to initiate their own password reset was available on the OpenSRS webmail login page. However, now with Treepl’s OpenSRS reseller setup, this option does not appear to be available.

From what I understand, this may be a setting available to OpenSRS resellers to enable, as per this article: https://help.opensrs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003727294-Email-Password-Recovery-System

If this could be investigated please, as it may be a quick fix for this issue (while more complete email management is developed for the Portal/Website admin).


@Eugene - Do you guys have any idea on how much work this is? Do you want me to add it to the public backlog or do you put it in your “internal” log? :slight_smile:

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@Eugene @Peter-Schmidt just following up on this one :slight_smile:


I have no idea how big this feature is. Please add it to the public backlog.

@Eugene & @Adam.Wilson - Great I have added it here:

Might be interesting to check if it really is as quick of a fix as the article suggests, before a lot of votes are “waisted” on this feature if it really is easy to do :+1: :slight_smile:

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Anything on this? I don’t know how everyone else does it but it doesn’t really look good creating a password for my client and me having a copy of it. I know if someone had a copy of all my business passwords id have to have a lot of trust in them.

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Hi @luke

It has a fair amount of votes (8), so I guess it would be in one of the next sprints.

I guess you do it the same way, but I don’t ask my client for their “normal” password. I would give them a “password1234” password, send it to them and tell them how to change it after they have logged in to the webmail.

I would much rather have the “real” solution, but at this point that is my workaround :slight_smile:

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oh ok, they can change via webmail, perfect ill let them know. thanks for the info mate.

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@luke - No worries :slight_smile: