Collect Invoice Payments Online

I’m having trouble and need some help. I need to collect payments for invoice on the website.

I’ve created the web form using the Form Builder. Users will need to enter a payment amount. (Amounts will be all different). Payment gateway is and information is enter for that. When I test the form, I’m not able to enter any amount. I haven’t done any styling of the form it’s straight from the Form Builder. How do I make the amount field so I can enter an amount?
Here’s a link to the test form unformatted. Payment
Thanks much!

Hi @Sue

In your form code you need to locate the 2 payment input fields (see screenshot below).
Now, in your case, you want to actually use the hidden one and just totally remove the ‘disabled’ one (it’s just for display purposes).
So move the ‘hidden’ input to where the ‘disabled’ one is and change its ‘hidden’ state to ‘text’.
You should then be able to edit and pay any amount.

Also, your payment fields (for card details) are not displaying, so there may be an additional issue there too. May need to double check your gateway details are entered correctly.

Adam you are awesome!!! It’s working now. (The credit card detail is a popup window after pushing submit. I think that may be controlled by the payment gateway.)
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. You are a very valuable resource and I much appreciate it!!


Sue - I’m trying to get payment working. I see my payment fields now appear in a popup window after pushing submit as you mentioned.

But, when I enter CC details, the popup modal processes for a moment then just disappears. The page does not reload, or re-direct, and I’m getting no confirmation notice or email that payment has gone through. Curious how the process worked for you to complete payment - did the page re-direct automatically? I must be missing something. No idea what to do.