Create Account Form - Can it log you in? (like BC)

I’m working on a site conversion that has a page to login or create an account before submitting a user-submitted webapp item. In the current BC site, if the user doesn’t have an account they would fill in the create account form, and the account was created and they were automatically logged in and would stay on the same page.

It appears that the Treepl account creation form doesn’t do this. And if I add a redirect back to the current page the user is not logged in. (The account is successfully created.)

Is there a way to achieve automatically logging in or should I rework the flow of the application?

Is this happening because the user needs to verify the account via email? For better security?


Hi @shannonlynd. Correct, account email addresses need to be confirmed before final access is given so you’d need to work this into the registration flow.