Create Folder within Image/Media Manager

Hey guys, been needing this for a while now, when uploading images using the Media/Image Manager, where I can upload new images, would be nice if we had the ability to add a folder within this area as well. Unless I had totally planned out my site at the start with all the folders and sub-folders I need (which is rarely the case) I need to be able to quickly create a folder on the fly, instead leaving where I was working, go back to File Manager, create folder, go back to what I was working on, then add the item.

(this is the area I am speaking about having a ‘Add a Folder’ option.


It makes sense.

@Peter-Schmidt , please add this request to the public backlog.

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@Eugene & @A3CS
Added here:

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I also need this, the more customers we bring over to Treepl and the more they use the platform, this is a feature that is noticeably missing.

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