CSS of Treepl Template

I am trying to adjust some text sizing, coloring, etc in the “Courses” template. I’ve adjusted the CSS in the “app.css” file, but changes are not showing on the site. Is there another place I should be looking to make adjustments to the template’s CSS?

Hi @jbramer. Welcome to the forum!
I believe that template uses a minified version of the app.css file, so you’d need to edit app.min.css to effect the site.
Alternatively, re-reference the app.css file in your <head> to use the non-minified version.

If this doesn’t help, please post a link to your site and detail the place/styles you’r having trouble with.

Hi @jbramer,

Please edit app.min.css to add changes to the site. Alternatively, create a custom.css file, add a link to (after the link ) and add your own styles to the new file.

I was trying to edit the css within the File Manager and was not finding it. I downloaded the css file, edited, and it’s working. thanks!