Custom Module - How to filter results like in Standard Gallery

I made a custom module for the verdicts of a law firm:

But I’m having trouble with two things. I’m not a developer, I’m a marketing person so this isn’t that easy for me but if you can help I greatly appreciate it.

First, on my list of verdicts, I am not sure how to get the blue boxes all the same size. I’ve tried to change the column number but I just don’t know enough to make the box stay the same for each record.

Next, I wanted to have the site visitor have a way to sort through the verdict cases they are interested in by “Areas of Practice”. I’ve tried several ways to do it but I can’t figure it out. I would love to have a sort feature as they have on the Standard Gallery page: Or event a drop-down menu. Really just anything simple.

I made a field within the custom module for Areas Of Practice with the Verdict Custom Module, with a drop-down because I thought that would transfer over to the live page, but I guess that is just for the admin (?). I then made a field for each Area of Practice so that I can somehow set up a sort link with that variable.

Again, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. But as I said and as you can guess, I’m definitely not a programmer. Thank you!

Hi @Mstall.

For the blue boxes, a quick and dirty solution is to add this CSS:

min-width: 280px; <!-- or whatever px width you like -->

to your .consult-holderin class (in your .main.min.css file: line 44)
I’m not sure if this will effect anything else on your site though.

The better solution is to use the framework’s row/column methods to better structure the layout (it’s using Bootstrap).

Regarding the filtering of the list, this is totally possible, although a little more involved.
I’d suggest looking at adding a Custom Module search form to your page and exploring how that works.
From that form code, remove all the other fields you don’t need and add isSearchResult: "true" to your component tag that’s currently rendering the list of Verdicts.

Let us know how you go from there.