Custom Module Items in Calendar Format

Has anyone managed to add Custom Module data into a Calendar layout on their site?

Alternatively, is there are a way that visitors can submit events themselves using the events module?

Hi @SiroccoDigital

In theory, you should be able to format the module’s data to suit most javascript calendar plugins.
This is the only decent one I’ve worked with in the past (BC days), but the concept should be the same:

User submitted items for all modules aren’t technically supported yet, although they do work to some extent.
For example, any module can be user-submitted, but only the standard module fields and custom fields can be populated.
Special ‘System Properties’ added specifically to that module are not yet supported. So for Events, this would include the below fields (which probably makes user-submitted Events impractical in most cases):

@Adam.Wilson this is a great idea.

So would this be doable with a Custom Module setup then using FullCalendar if we setup ‘Event Location’, ‘Event Date’ and ‘Event Time’ as Custom Fields?

Also, do you know if custom module items could be added from a form on a public website page or does it need to be behind a secure zone to submit?

Full Calendar works in Treepl much like in BC, taking data from a Custom Module. Here’s the calendar in the site I’m migrating at the moment.

The migrated data is displaying correctly. Next step is the form used to add activities from the front end & the associated validation & approval processes.

Yes, Custom Module with location and date fields would be fine (although they wouldn’t enter into the Event booking system in the CMS/CRM like actual Events do).

No, Custom Modules cannot be user-submitted from a public form. The user must be logged in.

Thank you @Adam.Wilson and @peter.medbury this is great information. Most appreciated.