Custom Module - Limit on Record Quantity?

I’ve got a Custom Module need with roughly 10,000 records (each with 5 text fields).

I’m having no luck uploading the data. Spreadsheet formats are correct. The Treepl GUI reports that the data has been imported, but it simply does not appear.

Does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of records that can be managed within a Custom Web App? @vlad.z

Hi @amplify-scott. Did you hear anything back regarding this? I’d be interested knowing any limits too.
Did the issue with the items not displaying get resolved or was there a reason?

HI Adam, no word yet from the Treepl team, I submitted a support item as @vlad.z suggested to my queries in Slack. Will update as I discover. We did some experiments on our own and had successes with up to 900 or so records on import. Deletion of records behaved unexpectedly (ie. one or two at a time, trickle pace). We found a workaround relevant to our specific 10K record issue and decided to bypass Custom Modules for this one…

Also interested in the anser on this one. I guess it must be some sort of a bug/glitch since the team has mentioned before that there was “no limit” (as i remember) :slight_smile:

Howdy folks, @Adam.Wilson @Peter-Schmidt

I got this message from Violetta on Tuesday regarding the maximum record count in a Custom Module:

“There’s no restriction on the number of records, however, there may be some slowdown when adding/deleting such numbers. As you’re probably aware, we’ve started working on the performance updates and will keep working on these in the next 6 months.”

Given that, likely the problems I am experiencing are more the ‘speed’ issue rather than a ‘quantity of records’ issue. Hard to say.

We’ll keep pushing the record count up and report back any findings…


Just to add here. Performance updates require lots of QA (since they affect live sites) but we plan to roll them out with every upcoming release.
While we’re working on the performance updates, please try to upload not more than 1,000 items at a time.