Custom Module: remove Downloadable Media checkbox

When adding a ‘Media’ field type in a Custom Module the “Downloadable file” option is automatically added under the field.


I like to see this removed as it would surely not be used all that often and creates confusion and clutter in the interface.

Instead, could it be added as an option when setting up the Media property? So we can control whether or not it’s displayed:



Added here:

I think the improvement idea is good but I disagree with ‘surely this won’t be used often’. We use it all the time find it v helpful because it stops a file (like pdf) being opened by a browser plug-in and forces the file as a download only. Very important feature to us.

We use this for almost all clients, this would cripple us if it is disabled.

Yeah, I don’t want it removed or disabled a such, just to be shown optionally (when setting up the custom property - but hidden by default).

There are 4 possible use cases I can see for this download functionality for any given custom property and only 1 case where I think it should be shown in the admin:

  1. you don’t need it at all/it’s not relevant to the property [ACTION: don’t display it]
  2. you need ?downloadable=1 added to links at all times [ACTION: don’t display it. Hard code it in layout - don’t rely on, or force the admin to tick it every time]
  3. you need it depending on the file type (ie: .pdf to open in browser, all other file types to download) [ACTION: don’t display it. Hard code it in layout with conditional Liquid - don’t rely on, or force the admin to tick it when needed]
  4. you need it on an ad-hoc basis, depending on some other requirement that can’t be logically defined by code [ACTION: show it. Via an option when configuring the custom property]

In my view, option 4 is the exception and is what I meant by “surely this won’t be used often”.

@lee.relianceit @WayneFreeman I’d be interested in your use cases where this option needs to be visible in the admin and how this outweighs all the use cases where it’s not needed.

I definitely read your first request incorrectly. Option 4 would work great for us :slight_smile:

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