Custom Modules filtering and searching for items in admin console

Hi, we have a client with 700+ products listed in a custom module.

We are finding it difficult to find, search for and filter fo products within the admin console.

  • there is no option to filter for starting letters: All | A | B | C
  • we can only search for item names
  • the display of the item name is short. as some of the item names are long and similar we cant see which product is which.

We are also using a custom field for product code. It would be helpful it the search in the back end would look through all the fields so we could search by product code.

Any one facing similar challenges?

This highlights everyones unique use cases and needs which is why we need this:

Which would hopefully extend to the search function and include column sorting.

PS; this feature needs votes treeplPeople :slight_smile:


It would be useful if we could make a column’s width wider by dragging it like how you can in an excel spreadsheet.


That’s a good one @Adam.Wilson. Can’t wait for it to be implemented. It’s high on my list, but not quite high enough to get one of my precious votes yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But just below the ones that have my current votes.

What a huge upgrade that would be over other systems.

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@Erik The option to filter by starting letters sounds like a backlog request. I wonder if it could even be added to the current search functionality. Maybe a drop down that allows you to select the search type and one of the options would be "Filter by “First letter” and you could type “A” to get a list of all items that start with A. You could even have “search in [select field name/column header]”. I’m just spit-balling. @Adam.Wilson always has a way to consolidate my lofty ideas into something people could actually use. I feel like there must be examples of this kind of advanced list filtering. Anybody got an example?

Perhaps a special search syntax could be used to save having a clunky UI. Such as typing first:A to search items starting with “A”. So this could extend to numbers and special characters; first:3, first:$ and first:Ä.

In saying that, I always hated the seemingly old-school approach of the BC almanac filtering, although I did use it :slight_smile: but probably due to a lack of other options.
I wonder if with all the other search and filtering tools implemented (ie: custom columns, column sorting, search based on custom column) if this would actually be needed though?

I don’t love the idea of having a special search syntax.

I much prefer the idea of having an “Advanced Search” toggle/button that adds a panel with advanced search UI.

@Adam.Wilson I think you’re probably right about the custom columns meeting most of these needs. I wonder if there would be a way of integrating this use case into the columns. If filters were introduced? Then there could be a filter by [field]. (i.e. filter by “a”)

Yeah, on second thoughts a search syntax probably wouldn’t be user-friendly (esp. for end-users/clients) and they can be hard to remember.
I was just trying to get away from a bunch of clunky search option. But if these are hidden away under a “Advanced Search” toggle then it’s probably fine.

2 more comments to improve UX of custom modules:

A) when updating a custom module item on page 20 for example it jumps back to page 1. this is very annoying if you want to update multiple items on page 20.

B) the items per page and back and forward < > icons should be on top of or to the right of the search field rather than at the bottom. User has to scroll down to navigate.

Please collect all the suggestions for improving the list view items in one backlog item. We will discuss them with the team and make them in the next sprints.

Hi @Erik,
In order to see the full name of the item (if it is too long) you can hover the item and a tooltip with the full name will appear. We added it in past sprints for such situations.

@Alex_B_Centrifuge & @Adam.Wilson
I like the idea of the possibility of an “Advanced Search”.

Maybe we should think about how this would look/work more specific and I will add it to the Public Backlog? :slight_smile:

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I’m into this… I’ll spend a bit of time thinking about which approach broadly would be the best and put forward some ideas for discussion.

(maybe we could even do a poll on here to get some input from others if there are a few good ideas)

Sounds awesome @Alex_B_Centrifuge :muscle:t2:

I know, it’s been a year. So, I’ve been busy, what can I say :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Finally got around to thinking about how advanced filtering might work. I considered a number of options, but ultimately I think that a query builder would be the most straight forward. I love the brevity of having some kind of text query option, or using regex, but I decided that would be too complex for most users and probably more granularity than most people need. Anywhere here is my idea for advanced search query builder for modules.

Let me know if I missed something or If something isn’t clear.

Note I didn’t actually implement the filtering capability here, I just wanted to demo the query builder.

I put it up on a demo site so you can take a look .

Would love your feedback

Looks good to me! Nice one @Alex_B_Centrifuge

Looks really cool @Alex_B_Centrifuge.
Seems like I never added this as a backlog item, anything else I should add? :slight_smile:

@Peter-Schmidt Thanks.

@Erik Does this design meet you use case?

I think some of the needs around seeing long column values and adding other fields to search might be taken care of by the custom table feature.

If I were to add one more feature to this it would be the ability to save and recall advanced search. So more concisely:

-a button to save and name advanced searches
-a drop down to recall advanced searches by name

This would be a secondary feature. I think advanced search without it would be fine as well.

I see custom reports is coming in the next sprint, so I wonder how much of this is going to be covered by custom reports. Will we have the ability to create reports of module items? Even if custom reports covers this use case, it would still be nice to have this feature in context.

I also imagine custom reports will have a query builder as well, so it might just be a matter of recycling the UI and implementing it in this context.

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These were dying in a psd that I started a long time ago. They are very rough, but I wanted to post them before I totally forgot about them.

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