Custom Modules - Instant search result filtering

We have a client (currently on BC) who would like to achieve similar instant filtering as used on site: (This example site is based on Craft CMS and EG: Under headline Gender tick Female or Male and see how the search result instantly / automatically updates.

Is there a way to achieve this functionality with treepl custom modules? Using Ajax or jquery?

If all the data is already loaded onto the page and it’s just filtering required, I’ve found this plugin to be very versatile:

If anyone else has ones they’ve used I’d be interested in seeing them too.

Certainly can Erik. You can see an example working here filtering a large dataset:

The filters are dynamic on this page, using data from other custom modules so code doesn’t need to change when additional filters are added. As each filter is applied the page updates.

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+1 for isotope. I’ve used it on many sites. Like it very much.

Alex, thank you. would it work using tick boxes to filter multiple selections similar to site:

Here’s a codepen with an example (not mine)

Alex, Thank you! will have a good look through.