Custom Reports needing export of Secure Zone members

To the Treepl team, I’ve just been using the new Custom Report feature released in v5.4 (thank you) and was a little surprised that there is still no way of exporting a group of Secure Zone subscribers from the database. We have hundreds of Secure Zone members in the CRM in amongst thousands of non members, some of them added via a form and some added manually. There is no Export option in the Secure Zone module and no other easy way to get these out of the system.

This just needs to be added as an option in the SETTINGS step under TYPE, as it was in BC, see here

Any chance of having it added in a sprint?

I’ve added the request to the internal backlog.
It will be released in one of upcoming sprints.

Thanks Vlad, that would help.

Can I ask, was the current release of the Treepl ‘Advanced CRM’ meant to be BC equivalent?

Hi @DeanCraig
Yes it was made as a BC equivalent (logic was created based on BC’s Advanced CRM).

Hi @vlad.z do you know when this will be available? We urgently need to be able to export reports of both Secure Zones and corresponding expiry dates as well as Mailing List Subscribers which clients were able to do on BC.

Customer and Secure Zone type of Custom Report feature is scheduled to 28-Oct-2020 (v5.7)

Thank you for the confirmation @vlad.z