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Hey Treepl Team,

Was in with a client just now and they were looking to integrate their ‘Zen Planner’ scheduling software into a site we are building. Their clients use this software to book customer training sessions. Their customers need to log in to this system.

What they are asking of us is to build them a customer portal that has videos, documents, etc. per customer. They want the ability to have their customers just use one Log In for both ZenPlanner and our Custom Module.

So, my question is… will there or is there plans for a Google or Facebook Sign on in the near future with Treepl?



Hi Aaron,
This feature is being discussed among the team, but to speed up this process, please post your requests on Treepl forum in Public Backlog topic.

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Ok, thanks. @Peter-Schmidt no rush, when you have time please add to the Public Backlog

Sorry @A3CS - Must have missed this one :grimacing:
Added here: :+1:

– Let me know if you want further details :slight_smile: