Customer submitted content: No workflow notification triggered when items are edited

It seems as if Treepl only triggers a workflow notification when an item is created by a front end user. In BC the connected workflow was also triggered when an user edits an item on the frontend. This is kinda important for the use case we’re just working on. Any ideas? Should this be fixed, made optional or what do other partners think about that? @vlad.z is this a bug or a feature?

Hello @TimL Workflow notification when a user creates an item by a front end only.

Thanks, @Nastya_Serdiuchenko. It would be pretty important to us to have notifications on both creating and editing items. Not only because of the project we’re just working on, but also because some projects we have to migrate from BC need that mechanism to stay in the sae scope as BC was. @Peter-Schmidt: Is that something for the backlog then?

I agree this is an important feature, particularly if you have the ‘Requires Approval’ option ticked (which, by the way doesn’t seem to do anything for edited items either)

My suggestion would be to allow the programatic triggering of Workflows for Custom Module create/edit forms, like we have for general forms:
and this will allows us to configure Workflow/s for whatever condition we need.

I would love this feature as well :slight_smile:
Added here: