Data Source Property - Default Empty Option

Ok Folks, school me on this one.

In BC Web Apps, the Data Source property included an option to “Add the --Please Select-- default empty option” on field save.In the vast majority of our sites, we made use of this option.

Now in Treepl, no option exists on this property.

My question: how do I content manage a data source property to select the “default empty option”?

I know I can download the data as a spreadsheet, delete the data from the cell in question, then reupload the data - but I can’t instruct my customers to do that.

School me - what am I missing?

Is this a BC feature that got missed?


The datasource field can be left blank when creating a new item, so effectively it is set as “Please select” just that it doesn’t have those words…

Thanks Adam,

I’m aware that at the time of record creation, we can simply AVOID a data source association.

But that is only 1/2 of the problem, in my view.

AFTER the record creation, we also CANNOT REMOVE an EXISTING association, only select an alternate record.

We’re working around this with a disabled ‘null’ record and a liquid show/hide trick on the display side, but that solution (one of my own) is unbelievably cumbersome.

Aaron has suggested a web form where we add our own “please select” option. That’s a bit more promising…

In a perfect world, I’d have the same functionality as the former BC option. Unfortunately we use that function all the time, and even with the massive improvement of the Treepl approach, we’re left at a disadvantage.

Trigger any thoughts? Add a public backlog item?

Sorry @amplify-scott my mind has been elsewhere today… was thinking you were talking about Web Forms, and just actually read the post and you meant Data-Source fields… so yes, agree this is a huge miss. This came up in one of my earlier migrations (back in December). Luckily in this case, the client wasn’t touching this particular Custom Module Item, so it was ok.

Ah yes, @amplify-scott. I see what you mean with it not being able to be set back to nothing after a selection is made.

A dummy and disabled item in the source module is one fairly simple workaround, but yes, it shouldn’t be needed. Not quite sure what you mean by “disabled ‘null’ record and a liquid show/hide trick” sorry.

First, thank you for your attention to our thread Adam, we’ve used a few of your notes in the recent past.

Regarding this particular problem, it would be best to have an ‘empty’ option as identified.

One of our ‘sloppy’ workarounds is to simply have the display template use liquid to sniff for our dummy/empty record and then hide associated data and display code. Problem is we use the data source selectors so often, we’re adding a bit of unnecessary burden to our displays.

We’re continuing to test additional workarounds and I’ll report back to the forum if anything stands out. I’ve added this item as request to the backlog forum list as well.

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Hi @amplify-scott
Thanks for the request. We will do it in the current sprint.

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