Disabled Blog Posts Still Show in Archive Listing

Hello All,

I noticed something minor on a client’s website that I think is a bug, unless there is a way to fix this with liquid. My client is ‘starting over’ with his blog. For now, I just disabled the old blog posts that he had in the blog (there were only three), but even though they are disabled, they still show under ‘Archives’ in the sidebar that he has on the blog general layout page. The code that displays the archives is as follows:

{% component type:“module_archive”, module:“Blog Post”, parentItemId: “{{this.id}}”, layout:"/includes/archive.layout", numberOfMonths: “” %}

Is there a solution that I can implement by making an adjustment to this code, or is this in fact a bug in the system? It’s minor and I was able to circumvent the issue by setting a ‘release date’ well into the future (2197, for example). It’s a very low priority issue and I’m not even sure it would be considered a bug, but I just thought I’d point it out.

Thank you,

  • Ryan

Thanks for your feedback. We review this trouble.