Discount Code Currency

Trying to implement a discount code but can only select USD. Other currency options not showing.

Hello, If you want to use several currencies, you should create “New Format Settings” and create second domain After that in discount code you can choose another currency

@Nastya_Serdiuchenko so how exactly do you create a new domain in a Trial Site? We will need to be able to set various currencies at the trial site level, and if you can only set up a new domain upon site activation, well, that isn’t too good for initial site development. Unless I am missing something completely, but when I look in Settings / Domains, it does not allow me to create a new Domain In Trial Site mode.

You can create new domain only on Live Site

Hmmm - this may not work so well if we need to test / develop multi-currency sites ahead of time, in particular loading in a bunch of products with multiple currency pricing.

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How did you create multi-currency in BC early?