DNS to point to www. version vs. non-www version?

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing great! I recently launched several different websites on the Treepl CMS platform and everything is going great and the transition has been very smooth. One thing I just noticed, however, is that I don’t have my DNS settings set up in a way that directs the domain names to either the www. version or the non-www. version. I’m not a DNS expert, but is there a record that I have to add in for the domain name to get it to either resolve to one or the other?

Thank you in advance for any direction here!

Hi @StudioRTP. For now you can request this from support.
I always have the non-www forward to the www version and have just sent support a ticket to set this up each time I go live.

Hello Adam,

Doh! I tried my best to not have to bother them again. I’ve been a ‘support pest’ lately since I’ve been working with them to migrate so many websites. Lol! Thank you - I’ll submit a ticket to see if they can help!

  • Ryan

Well, that just means your an active user so I’m sure they don’t mind :slight_smile:
And while there is no user interface for these types of settings contacting support is the only way.

I spoke to the Treepl team about that a few days ago. They said that feature is in the works. For now, send in a support ticket expressing how you want www and non-www to resolve and they will do it manually for you.

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Hello Darren,

Thank you for the note here! I did the same, I reached out to support and they fixed all of my live sites in less than an hour. How refreshing after coming from Adobe’s support.

Thank you,

  • Ryan

Awesome! Great to hear. I have a few more to do, as well.