Documentation: How to report bugs

I want to write an article on how to report bugs. For partners I believe the best way is via a support ticket. What about for non partners? What’s the best way? Also via the support email, or should we create a forum section for bugs? @Adam.Wilson @alex Any thoughts on this?

I would think the same way we post backlog requests and then they’ll be tagged as a bug so Treepl team will know what’s what I guess.
Because a lot of the time people aren’t sure if it’s a bug or a missing feature or they are doing something wrong, etc. So posting it for discussion/feedback I think is good.

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I’ll write this. I think we should have it as a separate menu item. It’s something I commonly search for on platforms.

There are 2 ways to report a bug:

  1. Post it on forum (under “Public backlog”) category.
  2. Starting next sprint you’ll be able to submit a support ticket with “Report a bug” subject from your Partner Portal.
    You can do both too :slight_smile:
    We’ve also added a #Bugs tag to the public backlog:

And the latest Bugs are now added to the Public Backlog with the #Bugs tag :slight_smile: