Donation Form Options

From what I can tell so far with form payments, this isn’t really do-able. Not sure if that is something that can be enhanced or maybe done with javascript so wanted to ask you all.
I have a customer asking for a site to take donations for a political PAC. The example they sent uses a widget in an iframe which I guess we could do if I have to…but much prefer to keep it in Treepl and have the form submissions and CRM data captured etc.

Has to be able to select from a range of donations as well as choose recurring or not. Here is a screen shot of the example form.

Any way to do this with what we have today?


Hi @DMorgan. This might get you on the right path:

Thanks Adam - that probably would work for just changing the value. However, if I understand it correctly, for recurring payments - it has to tie to a secure zone with identical price as it seems when you create the secure zone, it takes that data and creates the subscription in Stripe and ties it to that product. So I would have to be able to swap the entire form I assume and have a secure zone created for each price option?

Ah, I missed the recurring requirement… so yes, you’d probably have to have multiple Secure Zones with the different prices and swap out the Secure Zone ID/Alias in the form as well… not sure.

Don’t think it would work for a user set price though.

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Did you happen to figure out a way to have this done for the user set price? I get the part of the individual secure zones and recurring, but not sure how to get a user set price for this.