E-commerce Feature Requests

Hey there, would like to make a few requests for the E-commerce Module:


  • Ability to set a Catalog as an Automated or Manual Catalog. Manual is as it is now. Automated would be something with conditions - such as "Product Tag - equal to = ". Automated products once set would allow us to sort products within the catalog, which would then output on the page as such (I know, asking a lot).


  • Parent product level - add BARCODE field - simple text field.
  • Option variants: Ability to add SKU and BARCODE(IBN,ISB,UPC,etc) - a simple text field
  • Ability to set a “location” per product variant, or at the parent level when no variants exist. (see below for request for “locations” item)
  • Need ability to add product inventory levels at the variant options level.


  • Need a “pick up” option. This option would then be linked to the “locations” option (see below).
  • Add a few extra fields to the shipping Options / Details: 1) An image path; 2) a blank custom field (yes, we could use an extra field to handle our own logic; 3) In Settings, choose a Country, but also be able to choose a Province / State (which auto shows the correct info).


  • Ability to set up “Locations” - this could be another option within the E-commerce menu dropdown. Locations are useful for companies that have multiple store fronts, or two different places within their building that ship. We would then be able to assign a location to the product (similar to the supplier field). However, we would have the ability to assign multiple locations to a product if need be.

That’s it for now. Thanks for listening.