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I have posted this to the Slack channel as well as a direct email to Alex and I haven’t heard back yet on whether a list of existing Treepl CMS eCommerce features are available and what’s coming and maybe even a ballpark on when. Does anyone know if there are detailed notes on what eCommerce features are currently available, which features are currently under development and maybe a release schedule so that I can give my client an idea on when they can expect to use Treepl CMS for eCommerce on their website? I know of at least two features that they will require prior to using Treepl CMS for eCommerce: integrated US taxes and Integrated shipping for at least USPS, FedEx and UPS.

I have a client that is ready to go with their new design, but eCommerce is critical. The plan has always been to launch on Treepl CMS because we thought the eCommerce was going to be released in March of this year. I understand it got bumped back to July and for good reason, but I’d love to give this client an idea of what to expect so we can select the best platform for the project. I’d really like to make it a Treepl site, but July is two months off and they are eager to launch because it will be coupled with a rebranding of their business at the same time.

Sorry for posting this in several places. I know everyone is busy and I’m just not sure where the best place is to post these kinds of questions.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for raising this.
We are working closely with Adam to deliver eCommerce documentation this month.
He will reply here as well with his current schedule for documentation updates.

Here is how we will handle the planning and prioritization of features and improvements for the nearest releases:

  1. On May 20th, we will release a new advanced voting system to Treepl Portal (the one I demoed during the closed meeting) version 5.3 CMS release.
  2. That same day, all backlog items from Coming Next section (PayPal Payment Gateway, Recurring Products, Advanced CRM, Custom Reports) will be moved to the Upcoming section and become available for voting by Partners.
  3. We will ask all Treepl Partners to use their votes with the new voting system between May 20th and 27th
  4. Starting May 27th our team will review and estimate top voted features in the public backlog
  5. On June 1st we will announce release dates of the top voted features of the public backlog.

We will do email blasts to Partners announcing each of the mentioned above so you don’t miss anything.

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Hello Alex,

I hope you had a nice weekend and you and your family (and Treepl family) remain healthy!

This is great information. Thank you for clarifying and providing a summary of the closed meeting. I look forward to these updates and will keep my clients informed. Hoping to build as many sites as I can, eCommerce or otherwise, on Treepl CMS soon!

Thank you,

  • Ryan

Documentation schedule for eCommerce is as follows:

All current Liquid Components technical details (as of v5.2) will be documented by end of this week (15th May):
All eCommerce modules/features (as of v5.2) documented by end of this month (31st May):