Ecommerce Migration Questions/Updates

I have a few ecommerce migration questions

  1. Any update on when ecommerce migration for the BC to Treepl tool is being rolled out?
  2. If I migrate all the non-ecommerce components now, will I be able to migrate just the ecommerce portions of the website in the future without over-writing the non-ecommerce components.
  3. If I can bring in ecommerce components in the future as a separate migration, will I be paying a premium for not using the package deals?

@vlad.z Do you have any insight into this?

As I understand it Alex … any deals you took advantage of over the recent weeks/months will be honoured if you subsequently migrate the ecommerce componants of a site when the ecommerce readiness has been completed by the Treepl team.

Use the ‘Custom’ migration option beneath ‘Fixed’ in the BC to Treepl App within your BC site - which will eventually allow you to select the ecommerce elements to add to an already migrated site.

I think I’ve got that correct. Like you we have many ecommerce framework websites - so we are waiting for this part of Treepl to reach full readiness before we start to complete our migrations.

Hope that helps :]

Kind regards.

Kerry Ballard

Thanks for your reply Kerry.

I notice that when I select Custom migrations the cost per component/total cost is much higher than migrating everything at once.

So the question is to migrate part of the site now with the current discount and then pay a premium for a migration of only the ecommerce portion in the future, or just wait until the Treepl to BC migration tool supports ecommerce, and hopefully there is still some deal, and do a complete migration at that time.

  1. Ecommerce migration is coming soon (this month), however, without data transforming at this point.

  2. Certainly. You can migrate non-ecommerce components now, use a “fixed cost” package to save more and take advantage of the 30% discount for Treepl Partners up to March 31. You’ll be able to migrate ecommerce using custom ecommerce block migration only later.

Attention! You’ll need to pay the migration fee up to March 31 to take advantage of the offer.

  1. You will save more if you migrate now with a 30% deal

Hi Vlad,

I’m a bit confused by the migration offer. We took advantage of the 50% reduction in migration/build offer back in January to migrate over 3 websites before the January 31st deadline, with a view to then adding the ecommerce as and when that was made ready using the 'Custom Migration.

I’ve recently completed the ecommerce migration for the three websites in question. One of the sites was a Level 4 migration at the reduced $499 which was paid for by card. I understand that the website will be completed at your end as part of that offer once we are ready to commit to the site going live and paying the hosting etc; and the other two were Level 4 migrations paid for at $499 each out of our Partner Credit. Again … if I’m right - once we commit to taking the hosting live - both of these sites will be finished off by your team as part of the January offer. We are close to committing for these 3 projects.

Can you please confirm I have that correct?

Many thanks.

Kerry :]


If you paid the migration fees back in January and have just migrated ecommerce part, please email us at and we’ll unlock the sites (remove migration fees). If you haven’t done so and ecommerce migration is still pending, please email us and we’ll migrate it using the “BC to Treepl” app free of charge.

The app normally migrates 80% of the site, some minor manual fixes are needed. You can do those on your own or submit a project via your Treepl Portal and we’ll provide you with a quote.