eCommerce Specifications

I have many clients waiting on the ecommerce solution and payment gateways to be launched in September. Is it possible to obtain some specifications about what will be released when and also the functionality that will be available initially so we can start making plans and putting quotes together for this functionality.


I would agree that having some idea of what eCommerce will deliver by way of features would be very handy right now - even if it’s to say what will be included beyond what we had in BC and what might not be available which would be less effort than having to list all the features we know about in BC already (good and bad).

I second and third all of your comments!

Hey everyone,

As far as eCommerce goes, we can’t provide you with much detail at this point. We expect to implement the whole eCommerce functionality within 3 sprints. And we’re going to launch the most popular payment processors: Stripe, PayPal,, and eWay.

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@Violetta.S can you confirm if you are going to have ‘Get a Quote’ available as some of my clients just use the eCommerce platform to generate quotes for clients and not actually put through a purchase. This functionality is absolutely vital.

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This is something that we’re ready to add to the functionality after October 30 (v.5)

So this won’t be available on October 30? I have many clients I need this available for and have been telling them we can migrate as soon as the ecommerce is available.

I’m afraid we’ll be able to start working on this after October 30. You can check our eCommerce preview following this link:

As an initial alternative, will we be able to submit a shopping cart order without credit card details? Will it send a workflow through to the client still? This may be a work around for the time being.

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@Violetta.S can you confirm if we can submit a shopping cart order without credit card details.

This is most likely case scenario, will have more details later next week.

Yes, we plan to have ability to submit free orders in the first version of ecommerce

@vlad.z that is great news.

One of the great annoyances of BC’s shipping (but not limited to just this) was the inability to import/export the shipping details. On a very complex shipping schedule it was always such a pain to enter all the details manually to set it up and then edit all of them when you needed to adjust the pricing. We have one client with about 60 options and this was a nightmare.

Weill the ability to import/export form part of the eCommerce shipping options?

Hi @TopLeftDesigns
It won’t be in the first version of ecommerce, but we can definitely add it along the way if it’s in priority.

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