Element style help please

Help please

On this page (Label-form Ltd - The UK’s leading specialists in self-adhesive labels.) the blue header image with the title “Frequently asked questions FAQs’. The blue image header needs to be flush under the main menu bar, but
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 11.36.19
at the moment there is a big grey gap.
I am trying to track down and change an element style of “ margin-top: 194px;” to margin-top: 0px;

But I can no track down where this element style is coming from to change it. Please can somebody help.

element.style {
background-image: url(https://via.placeholder.com/1920x1080);
visibility: visible;
animation-name: fadeIn;
margin-top: 194px;
thank you

Hi Dawn,

When you see the style rule has a selector of element.style in your dev tools, it means the styles are applied inline (directly on the element in the HTML).
However, this looks like it’s being applied by Javascript and is likely part of the WOW animation plugin.
It also seems to be liked to the class top-space. Try removing that class from the element and I think that will solve your problem:

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Thank you so much Adam, that solution works perfectly.