Email notifications update

Hey everyone. This is a look at a new feature for email notifications.

We’ve integrated email notifications with Amazon SES. It improves email deliverability rate by using reputable sender and utilizing DKIM and DMARC verification, in addition to SPF. To use new functionality you’ll need to have ‘Email domain verification’ flag turned on in site’s ‘Beta features’ settings. It’s turned on by default.

Then you’ll need to go to ‘Settings’ - ‘Domains’ - ‘Email domains’ tab and verify domain you’ll be sending notifications from (the one used in ‘From’ field). You can use any username as long as domain is verified. At present, we do not restrict sending from unverified domains, but mail is sent through our old system in that case. Please note that you can’t verify domains such as,,, etc. We are considering restricting usage of such addresses in the future due to their unverifiable nature that acts only to drop sender reputation (while also looking at possibility of integrating with some of these services).

To verify domain you’ll be provided with a set of four DNS records. You’ll need to add them in DNS provider’s console. Please also consider adding SPF record - it’s value will be displayed with other records after next update and will also be included in docs. For reference, value to be included in your SPF record is

If you have domain verified on one of your sites and want to add it to another site - you’ll need to initialize new verification. However, you’ll be given the same values as the first time, so you only need to click through it. it’s done in order for user to explicitly indicate that they want to use this site-domain combination.

Please be aware: If you have verified domain added to a number of sites, and remove it from one of them - it’ll be removed from all sites. You’ll need to start over with new verification values. This behaviour will be changed.

All sites have included as a verified sender. It’s more whitelabel-friendly and fresher reputation-wise than sender. Feel free to use it for some, all or none of your workflows.

We’ve silently rolled out this feature to monitor how new sender performs two days ago. So far we’ve had 100% delivery rate with no bounces or complaints. We’ll continue to monitor this as the usage grows.

There’ll be at least one update in the next few days fixing some bugs and refining verification workflow - hence Beta feature status.


Just a note for my Aussie friends. at this point, cannot be verified. Dev team is aware.

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@alex.n is this now available for websites?

@SiroccoDigital, looks like the bug fix has been applied for this. At least on AU DC if you see v4.9.1 in the admin.
Just tested it on a trial site and it allowed a domain :slight_smile:

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@Adam.Wilson and @alex.n I can’t add a domain to any of my websites today! Looks like there may be a bug or issue here.

Hmm, I just tried again and was able to add a domain just fine.
Some things to check:

  1. the beta feature is turned on (it should be on by default though)
  2. your admin shows v4.9.1 (do a hard refresh in your browser just to be sure as well)
  3. you are looking here to add the domain:

Else, may have to contact support directly.

@Adam.Wilson I have got it working with Chrome but Firefox isn’t working still. Seems to be a Firefox bug.

Yep. I just tried Firefox (MAC) and it wouldn’t add a domain for me either ( or otherwise). Chrome is ok though.
No error messages, form just doesn’t seem to submit.

@Eugene possible bug?

Yes, this is a Firefox bug. Firefox does not support certain groups in regular expressions. We will fix it in the next release.

Has this been fixed? or is it for a different release? Seems like a bad bug…

Also do we still need to include in our SPF?

Not the, but as per the new docs you may still want to use in cases where the system might still send out using the legacy email service.

This has been fixed. I’ve updated original post to reflect that.