Event Anniversary Emails

The best feature of the BC Events Module was the ability to send a custom email to the subscriber with information about the event they had purchased and anniversary emails to subscribers based on the course date ie. -3, +3 so you could easily remind participants of the event and then request feedback about it. This allowed us to have training companies use the CMS.

Can this please be added to the backlog as it is really important functionality along with being able to download a report of all event participants which is really a must if you are taking enrolments.


Hi @SiroccoDigital - Sorry for the late reply, I have not had access to the Treepl site since the SSO update, so haven’t had a chance to add this to the public backlog before now :slight_smile:

Added here: https://treepl.co/public-backlog-state/request/event-anniversary-emails

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No problem @Peter-Schmidt! Thanks heaps.

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@Peter-Schmidt this is a ‘BC Equivalent’ and I spoke with Alex who asked that we add this tag to the item please.

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Perfect - Updated :+1:

Hi @SiroccoDigital DId you find a way to implement reminder emails for events? It looks like this functionality may still be a long way away.

@doodlefish this isn’t available yet unfortunately but it still high on my wishlist as I haven’t been able to find a way to replicate it. With Mailchimp you can run loyalty campaigns based off a submitted date if but it only works the first time you add a customer to your Mailchimp list (so doesn’t work if they are an existing customer and a new date needs to trigger a new loyalty campaign).

@SiroccoDigital Thanks for the update. It looks like the best hope at this stage is for Zapier integration which might work. Sounds like Zapier might be closer.